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BiGR AUDIO's Wristboom - Features to love and safety first

Side View Wristboom
Product testing results below


                  Product  tested by Carolyn Rhodes 

According to AAA Digest of Motor Laws, there are around 16 states which have laws prohibiting driving a vehicle, and in some cities or states a bicyclist with headphones or earplugs on can get a fine.

 If you don’t have Bluetooth tech in your car, and, that’s a lot of drivers in the USA, you may not know what your state laws are regarding driving.

Each state has its guidelines and laws, some have no prohibitions. What is the law about headphones on or off in your city or state?   Check with your Department of Transportation.

I found out that California, Rhode Island, Virginia, Florida, Maryland and Massachusetts are states which ban wearing headphones or earplugs in your vehicle and while riding your bicycle.

Whether you’re running, walking or biking, did you know many states’ associations are working hard to make driving for bicyclists and motorists safer? Many athletes are pushing for new laws as a result of people being injured in accidents.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in just the year 2013, there were nearly half a million emergency room visits due to bicycle-related injuries, and over 900 bicyclists were killed.

Regardless of your state laws, you might  buy a WRISTBOOM for the fun of it and as an alternate option for safety reasons.  Stay ahead of the law and keep your eyes and ears open when out exercising.

BiGR Audio has a line of headphones that are environmentally friendly, using bamboo, and has had licensing agreement with the MLB, Bruce Lee, Rolling Stone Magazine, collegiate teams, and more. They also offer the Wristboom which I am reviewing here. It is a Bluetooth watch-style speaker that comes in seven colors and gives people the ability to listen to their favorite music or take phone calls as they bicycle, run, or walk. The device is water resistant, lightweight, and has a battery life of 4-6 hours, and allows for hands-free phone calls. *

 Product Presentation: 

The wrist speaker band is housed in a sturdy plastic see-thru case.  Once opened, you can see WRISTBOOM is well made, soft to the touch yet durable and extremely lightweight.   I’ve opened and closed the plastic box (clicks into place) with some ease. At first, you’ll fiddle with it, (I did) until it clicks into place and closed up tight.  Your Wristboom is safe until next usage.

There is only one button so it’s easy to get started, and, it does everything you need in a split second.

Getting started:

Before usage, charge your battery.   (Cable comes with it.)   I tested the battery over the next week and I cannot believe it has a good 5 to 6 hours without re-charging.   I give that an A+.   I have listened to music, answered calls with it – yes, the same button  -- returned to my music – paused it –  exercised, even quick twists, turns and arms swinging. It did not go static or change the volume, or die.  It will power off on its own if bluetooth goes off, for example.

Power on.  

Hold the button down for a few seconds. Voice tells you, “Power on.”  You know it’s on by the calming blue light around the circular band which swirls around the entire side of the speaker. Pretty cool.


 I have paired it with my android and my tablet.  It searches for your closest device. It takes about 2 seconds and again tells you, “Pairing.”  Ok, you’re all set.   You have chosen your album or radio station to listen to.  I like Pandora.  You can pair to any Bluetooth device – easily and quickly.  I wear my fitness tracker on the other wrist, so, there is not a problem with that.


  You probably already know your volume is controlled by your device, but some may need that reminder. You can blast this pretty loud, or, just as quickly PAUSE it (Yes, the same one button) or lower the sound, which I did a couple times in a high traffic area.  The sound is amazing, I was surprised that one speaker could give me all that.

Phone conversation: 

  I was shopping at my local store when the phone rang.  I answered it by hitting the one and only button and soon in a conversation. Yes, you can have a conversation which I LOVED because my phone is always either in a back pocket when I’m walking or running or at the bottom of my jam packed pocketbook.  This is one safety feature, especially if you’re driving or riding a bike. Digging to get your phone out of a pocket, or purse can be a split second decision you may regret when driving or biking, even running next to others.


 Add WRISTBOOM to your wearables wardrobe.   The materials are well made environmentally clean.   The small speaker carries a big sound and the wristband itself fits any wrist size. Just ask Richard, “Big Rich” Bracke, founder of BIGR Audio.  After watching his YouTube  presentation,  I got to see the hard work that goes into producing a final product which I highly recommend.

Affordable.  $39 to $59.   The $59 is water resistant. The charge cord is $10.

Final words from Big Rich: 

People often go out and bicycle with headphones on or get into a marathon and wear headphones as they run,” explains Richard “Big Rich” Bracke, founder of BiGR Audio, a company that makes specialty headphones and innovative Bluetooth wrist speakers. “It’s important that people know the laws regarding this issue and that they take precautions.”

For more information on BiGR Audio, visit the site at:

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