Tuesday, February 9, 2016

GIBSON TENT SHOWCASED from traditional to high tech

GIBSON does not disappoint. Every year I stop in for some relaxing time off from the hustle and bustle of CES at Las Vegas  Convention Center. Follow the path to the big white tent outside.

 This year I was escorted into the VIP room where Gibson staffers gave me a seat and served me some lunch and coffee.  A few short conversations with others and time to check out what's new for 2016 as I reminisce the traditional.

 Looking around at the showcase guitars directly across from my comfy little corner of the tent, i learned that the lineup (to the left)  displayed guitars from the traditional Les Paul to the latest technologically advanced ones.    Nothing is ever less than high quality workmanship.

Music lovers know and appreciate the greatest sounds . Some are listeners while others are entertainers.

Several guests did just that by hamming it up for a fun interactive video, while others made a record to take home. All done in rock star star style.   Pick up a titanium fret too. I had no idea but it's got to be the best.

I am told that GIBSON headphones are completely wireless  -- not a hint of a wire anyplace.  Now, that's all new.
Performance Stage and guests

I enjoyed reminising along with a local Vegas artist who got my attention with "Chances Are," a voice qute like that of Johnny Mathis from old school ..    He  looked like Jesus and  had a sweet disposition.   Follow the link for a little nostalgia and to hear this fabulous artist sing and strum. . 

You Belong to Me 

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

CTA (Computer Technology Association) shares the scorecard on your state

  Massachusetts ranks on the top of tech innovation. Does your state support innovation?   Go to the link and find out

 CES 2016 (photo by Rhodes)