Monday, December 7, 2015

Parrot Bebop Vs DJI Phantom 2 With GoPro Hero 4 Black - Drone Comparison (edited)


One Drone or the Other for a Holiday Gift
Carolyn Rhodes 

According to Computer Technology Association, CTA,  the hottest new tech products are often the darlings of the holiday shopping season. This year, 33 percent of holiday shoppers plan on buying emerging technology like smartwatches, smart home devices and drones, according to the Consumer Technology Association’s (CTA) 22nd Annual CE Holiday Purchase Patterns Study. That’s the highest number CTA has recorded.

Think connectivity! Like the idea of $500 which according to the video will be quite adequate, especially for the novice. Like anything, try before you buy bigger.
 . I'll be attending CES Vegas as a press member and always love to see what Parrot (drone company from Paris) and other companies  will have in space --  for 2016.

Clearly, it's a show not to be missed as these drones fly in perfect sync without a glitch. Looks so easy. I'll be flying under the radar at CES 2016 looking for new designs and improvements .. OK holiday shoppers here's a thought or two buzzing around overhead. Going for the BIG gift this year?

You may want to first make a list and checking it twice for this Parrot "Bebop" or  DJI "Phantom 2" and decide which of these is the  naughty or nicer gift?  The Phantom will cost a bit more for a good video camera attachment.  For both, you're going to need just a few more checks ! Yes, you're already cool and know that most of these devices need to connect to other devices, like your tablet, computer, smartphone, etc .. Oh, yes, it may be an upgrade you'll need .. Well, tackle that list first of how to get this somewhat serious drone off the ground. 

Be informed and you may be on top of the world with one of these purchases,which you can find at Best Buy. . Expect new rules too! Find out what they are and where you can fly. Attorneys are now handling cases on violators. And, you must register it before flying.

Why not buy a Bebop  for around $500 before the big $1600 +++ Phantom 2 mainly used for professionals?  Heck the Bebop has a shorter battery life but enough for a beginner. Then you go bigger when you're  ready to move up . By then, there will be more drones and new companies springing up like cotton fields.

Xmas fills us with adrenaline as we tear open the many gifts, first peaking at the "To" and "From".

. I'd stick with the price for a Parrot Bebop flying high toy . I know -- the bigger and better model may catch your visual attention but really .. is it just a novelty soon to wear off?  I've not gotten to anything smaller than flying the skies in a airplane.  But then --  that's just me as the newer- now old saying goes.