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Parrot Bebop Vs DJI Phantom 2 With GoPro Hero 4 Black - Drone Comparison (edited)


One Drone or the Other for a Holiday Gift
Carolyn Rhodes 

According to Computer Technology Association, CTA,  the hottest new tech products are often the darlings of the holiday shopping season. This year, 33 percent of holiday shoppers plan on buying emerging technology like smartwatches, smart home devices and drones, according to the Consumer Technology Association’s (CTA) 22nd Annual CE Holiday Purchase Patterns Study. That’s the highest number CTA has recorded.

Think connectivity! Like the idea of $500 which according to the video will be quite adequate, especially for the novice. Like anything, try before you buy bigger.
 . I'll be attending CES Vegas as a press member and always love to see what Parrot (drone company from Paris) and other companies  will have in space --  for 2016.

Clearly, it's a show not to be missed as these drones fly in perfect sync without a glitch. Looks so easy. I'll be flying under the radar at CES 2016 looking for new designs and improvements .. OK holiday shoppers here's a thought or two buzzing around overhead. Going for the BIG gift this year?

You may want to first make a list and checking it twice for this Parrot "Bebop" or  DJI "Phantom 2" and decide which of these is the  naughty or nicer gift?  The Phantom will cost a bit more for a good video camera attachment.  For both, you're going to need just a few more checks ! Yes, you're already cool and know that most of these devices need to connect to other devices, like your tablet, computer, smartphone, etc .. Oh, yes, it may be an upgrade you'll need .. Well, tackle that list first of how to get this somewhat serious drone off the ground. 

Be informed and you may be on top of the world with one of these purchases,which you can find at Best Buy. . Expect new rules too! Find out what they are and where you can fly. Attorneys are now handling cases on violators. And, you must register it before flying.

Why not buy a Bebop  for around $500 before the big $1600 +++ Phantom 2 mainly used for professionals?  Heck the Bebop has a shorter battery life but enough for a beginner. Then you go bigger when you're  ready to move up . By then, there will be more drones and new companies springing up like cotton fields.

Xmas fills us with adrenaline as we tear open the many gifts, first peaking at the "To" and "From".

. I'd stick with the price for a Parrot Bebop flying high toy . I know -- the bigger and better model may catch your visual attention but really .. is it just a novelty soon to wear off?  I've not gotten to anything smaller than flying the skies in a airplane.  But then --  that's just me as the newer- now old saying goes.

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Connect your published article (with permission) to your blog. THE UNEXPECTED by CR

 This Pelican reminded me of the Osprey the day of the accident. Copyright by this author

Below is my essay -- Published in Birmingham Arts Journal - 19 - Vol. 12 Issue 1  (2015) .. If you write for an online journal or a hard copy magazine, read their copyright rules which are usually in the writers guidelines.  
 In this case, the editor allows a certain amount of time to pass after the article has been published and returns the copyright back to writer.  Google the topic and you can be a better tech savvy writer and one who knows the details of all aspects of your writer.

THE UNEXPECTED   By Carolyn M. Rhodes

 I am a child of the fifties, the days when typewriters clicked and clacked and televisions were black and white. And, we shared one phone per household. Those times were exciting in a completely different way. One quick snapshot I recall is my big sister boarding a small jet plane to fly to Paris to live with her French boyfriend. (My parents hadn’t a clue about the living arrangements.) My middle sister began her adult life as a literary poet in college. I am the youngest and in this snapshot, I am in high school. It is there where I made lifelong friends.

 Every summer, for the past 12 years, I fly to Cape Cod for a family and friends reunion. Towards the end of my family reunion, I spend the final three days with Sigrid and Barbara, sisters. I’ve known them since grammar school. After dinner, we walk down the winding road which is roughly paved. The homes and gardens add a picturesque scene along the route to the beach. We take the same walk every summer, but it’s always a different view. That second evening we happened to come across an osprey nest perched on top of a lamp post. The nest took the shape of an inside out portobello mushroom. It was a home, sturdy and massive. We humans could only imagine this family’s life journey. One of them flew off into the pink sky towards the ocean. A few gathered around to watch. But, when the unexpected happened, I’d have to wait until next year to get that story.

 I made a last ditch effort in hopes that I might see the big bird landing, but, as I turned around and walked backwards—in a split second of interrupted pleasant thought about the osprey’s flight—the heel of my sneaker dug into a deep hole. I fell onto my hand and landed on my back. Sigrid and Barbara bent down and carefully returned me to my feet. I could barely catch my breath and my wrist went limp. Barbara took charge after assessing my condition, “I’ll run to the house and bring the car back. Sig, I’ll do my best to get back fast. If it’s too long, call an ambulance.” We were about ¾ mile from the house and it was an uphill walk. My heart raced as I watched my hand swell. Soon enough, in the ER, X-rays had been taken and I would soon learn my fate. The osprey nest was the furthest thing from my mind. 

The doctor informed me I needed emergency surgery the next day and that my wrist was badly broken. I would need pins and a plate. Suddenly I began to shiver and a wave of anxiety hit me. Sig remained by my side and told me to not worry. I could stay without a problem and she would look after me. But with a long recovery and physical therapy ahead, I knew my only option was going home. The doctor placed my arm in a splint and sent me off with a sling. “Get that done no later than Friday,” he insisted. I slept the entire next day while the girls sprang into action.

 They boxed up my clothes and shipped them via UPS so I had nothing to carry. My suitcase went to the Salvation Army and they ordered a wheelchair assistant to meet me at the Boston airport. No way could I wait on a check-in line with only one functional arm. They made sure I had at least $20 in singles for tips. President Obama vacationed in Nantucket that weekend and the airport bus was full. I guarded my right arm and moved into the first seat for the handicapped. I couldn’t imagine that the unexpected would strike again, but soon enough, it did. My connecting flight to Birmingham was not coming due to bad weather in Chicago. The airline booked me for a morning flight and left me stranded en route to Baltimore. I called my son and he made a reservation at the Marriott near the Baltimore airport. A porter met me at the Baltimore gate. I arrived at nearly midnight—my phone was dead and I was disheveled and weak. The young man knew his way around, charged my phone and dropped me off at the limo stop. He called the Marriott to alert them that I was in a wheelchair, waiting at their ramp. I gave him a $10 tip. I couldn’t have made it without him.

Once at the Marriott, I was given a handicapped room. It was comfortable and clean. I had a king-sized bed and a very big shower with no steps—a space to get easily in and out of. Now I understood why a handicapped person would need this. I was now that person. With a slow twist of the shower knob, water gushed out slowly until I adjusted the temperature. The goal was to keep the splint and dressing dry before surgery. A sudden move could cause further injury. My wrecked body felt a heavenly anointment of calm, as though holy water poured over me. It was the best shower in the worst of times.  At 5 am, I was on my way back, heading for the airport, almost home. Surgery and physical therapy followed for the next 3 months. Eventually, I got my hand and all fingers working. It was a slow recovery.

 I could never have imagined how it felt to be handicapped, to lose the use of one beautifully created diligent workhorse, my hand, with its tiny boned fingers perfectly crafted and guided by a wrist to move every second of a day and night. And, I can’t leave out the childhood friends who are there to lift our spirits exactly when we need them. I came through with eyes wide open and a bigger heart for the ones who struggle in ways I never really thought about.

 Carolyn M. Rhodes earned a BA degree in Drama and Dance, College of Staten Island, 1973. She retired from UA’s College of Business as an office associate and was a contributing feature writer for their alumni magazine. Carolyn is an exercise instructor and an award-winning writer. She maintains a tech news blog, and 

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Soundtrack Contest Entry for the Greatest Trade Show on Earth *

                                                            By Techiegems (cr) 

SLASH, Guitarist
Velvet Revolver, Guns and Roses
Marshall Headphones
CES 2015
Send in your soundtrack for the 2016 CES (Computer Electronics Show) held in Las Vegas. The deadline to submit is September. You have time to read the guidelines and begin composing.  You don't have to be a geek but if you're a musician , this may be the opportunity of a lifetime. As technology and music grow together, more talent emerges.

2015 International CES - Entertainment

International CES  celebrity guests were present throughout the world's largest annual technology trade show. Over 176,000 attendees came together in Las Vegas.  Radio and TV Host, Entrepreneur  Nick Cannon has served as Ambassador for the last few years for the Entertainment Matters Program. 

Audio combines technology
There were celebrity guests promoting technologies in film, television and music.  Those who are famous and I mean famous --  were seen holding a spotlight on the  very products each endorsed. Long lines were not uncommon at the times autographs were given out.  

Musical Icons

CES embraces technology and the arts as technology evolves and innovations continue to change the way the world connects.  There are hundreds of exhibitors who show up with products not even out on the market yet.  

Gibson always has a beautiful display and the welcome mat is out for all attendees.  

Gibson has a big white tent outside the conference center .  Their  presentation of musical instruments brings crowds to hear  music and even play some on display.  The entertainment the past two years I attended was a welcome break for food, drink and song.  

Celebrities at CES 2015

  • Rapper  and Investor Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson signed autographs at the SMS Audio Booth.
  • House of Marley
  • I got up close with other press members to see SLASH, Velvet Revolver -- who I knew as guitarist for Guns and Roses. Slash endorses  Marshall Headphones. The gathering was open to press members and all attendees (willing to wait on a long line). Slash is a fine guitarist musician. Recently, he released some information that Marshall may introduce a smartphone. 

*Link below for contest rules and submissions.

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Gaming is big business * 
    Techiegems with Casey J. Rhodes

Oculus Virtual Reality exhibitors CES Int'l Vegas 2015
According to the research firm, Newzoo, the global video market earned a whopping $84 billion.  It's an upward climb to an expected $103 billion around 2016.  As more consumers purchase devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers,  3D televisions with ultra high definition where clarity rules, players can connect with other players around the world in real time.

Consoles made by Sony Playstations, Microsoft X-box One and X-box 360 can be found in homes worldwide.  

Virtual reality took center stage at CES International 2015. We saw the best of it at the Oculus Exhibition booth. Oculus has recently been bought by Facebook.     
Ford racing simulator at CES 2015

Driveclub Playstation 

Driveclub launched on June 24th 2015 .. See a presentation of it below, as Casedizzzle navigates the roads  in India. Follow the race car driver now.. 

Link below to short YouTube videos:


TUTORIAL ON LAUNCH DAY. Follow the link below on Playstation blog:

* Information from CES International 2015 and trade magazine, It is Innovation, CEA, (Computer Electronics Association)2015

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New Horizons says farewell to Pluto .#plutoflyby UPDATE 7/29

It's been inspiring to follow New Horizons spacecraft as it shared the most astonishing photos of Pluto.  Thanks NASA for the up to date information.  GO TEAM USA

Carbon Monoxide in Pluto's Heart. Read about it on NASA's site -- keeping us      up-to- date on the news not covered often by our media. 



New Horizons Close-Up of Charon’s ‘Mountain in a Moat’

According to Jeff Moore with NASA’s Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California, who leads New Horizons’ Geology, Geophysics and Imaging team 

“This is a feature that has geologists stunned and stumped.”  

Find out what a Mountain in a Moat means and why scientists are "stunned." 

The latest photos and information on this monumental information.  See what the scientists say at the NASA's latest link.

As of July 16, 2015
Views of Pluto Through the Years

Pluto and moon Charon 
Go to this latest link in order to get email updates from this NASA mission.  Or, just follow my blog.

Pluto as seen from New Horizons on July 11, 2015   follow link ..

Updated: July 14, 2015
It may take up to 2 weeks to get all of the footage back. Imagine New Horizons whizzing past Pluto at high speed..   Keep up on twitter's #plutoflyby . and/or NASA station and the  links from here.    This will be up a trickling down videos event ..  !  

July 13th, 2015
It's going to be a big tomorrow morning, Tuesday, July 14th  as New Horizons reports back to earthlings what the surface of Pluto looks like -- the closest ever .. .. Find your place to view New Horizons!  The countdown is on: From this writing -- approximately 18 hours to view it ALL.  Go to the feed above .

.see NASA page to countdown -- 


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The story of Silent Pocket, off the grid... Is CROWDFUNDING for you?

Crowdfunding -
Follow the video for a comprehensive look at Silent Pocket.  Co-founder, Aaron Zar, explains it all in his crowdfunding campaign and is looking for backers.

International CES 2015
 I met Aaron Zar at International CES 2015 in  Las Vegas. He was an exhibitor there, one of many in a vast sea of hopeful entrepreneurs and well established businesses.

 Exhibitors come from around the world. It's a chance for exposure and chance to make new relationships with buyers, associates and media. That's where writers like myself try to make a difference reporting

  There were 176,000 attendees at this trade . It takes planning and trekking throughout Vegas hotels and the conference center to meet up with hundreds of exhibitors.  But, there isn't enough time to visit all.

Aaron's leather goods caught my eye on the final day, Friday.  Don't I need a new wallet, I asked myself. Yes, but his product, while it was well made leather wallet, turned out to be more than "just" a wallet.

Mr. Zar immediately engaged me in conversation and asked if perhaps I could write an article about Silent Pocket and the significance his leather goods and their security benefits.   He gave me a compact leather wallet and asked that I give him a review on it.  He suggested that no hackers would be stealing my information any time soon. with his products.  So far, so good . I do a lot of travelling and use my cards frequently. I had no idea all the ways your personal information can be stolen, but, the hackers are one step ahead on the public. But Silent Pocket seems to be a step ahead of the hackers.  So I've had good luck.  Why not take a look at their products?

Nowadays, we are using our credit cards, I phones and androids  to pay for goods in many different ways.. And, we must insure that our information isn't picked up by the person behind us on line anywhere or while using our devices for payments  - with all of  our personal and business information.   Protected  and "off the grid," is how Silent Pocket products can keep us safer.

After some correspondence with Aaron, he tells me that his father, Randy, developed a small faraday cage for cell phones circa 1990s made out of metal coated flexible fabric. .  It didn't take long for his Dad to realize the potential of anything with an electronic signal has a negative aspect to it.  That was until 2009.   Soon enough a new product line was developed in Silent Pocket offering more privacy and security than ever before. And it stays within the family.

In 2012, Aaron Zar took over operations and brought the product to market. And they are still improving the security features with Pat Pending in 2015. 

Recently, Silent Pocket launched on, a crowdfunder.  What is a crowdfunding you ask? How about it's all funding in different ways.  Is it right for your business? You must really read INC Magazine to find the details. . 

  INC. Magazine has the Playbook if you are a serious business like Silent Pocket and other professionals I have researched on the kickstarter website.  It contains the already famous business owners to the less established businesses with a plan in hopes one may back them, or donate.   

   There are categories in the Playbook, explaining  essentials in "The Essential Guide to Crowdfunding."  Hey, it's complicating which area will be your route, if any.   The categories introduce in detail with great illustrations the following:  Donations, GoFundMe, Equity and Rewards.   Read the Playbook carefully before getting your feet wet and have a game plan. 

As the writer of tech news, I'm passing along the information on crowdfunding --  Aaron Zar's  marketing strategy which is gaining backers on  

 As a final thought on Silent Pocket --  security and safety of your devices and how easily you may fall prey to a 'bad guy,"  is serious enough to not ignore.  Best of luck  to Aaron Zar.   You can also see more of their products at

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Parrot Bebop Drone : 1st drone operated by a Zoo Team (Thoiry, France)


Casey Julian Rhodes, Electronics Consultant, found this wonderful video -

Parrot has been a major exhibitor at International CES in Las Vegas. During our last attendance, 2015, they did not disappoint.  A leader in drone technology they put on quite a show for the civilian drone population as their drones danced in formation and crowds gathered around for the show.

Parrot is a competitor for best innovation award in the category of audio/visual in automobiles at CES 2016.

Thursday, July 9, 2015


Playstation 4 added a cool feature --  Sharefactory  FREE.  Take a look at the video created by Casey Julian.  The Riddler  hasn't got anything on his driving skills!! haha  :-)  

You can save your clips, add your own musical background.  Your video will even give you a title screen, edit effects such as colors.  Edit your footage and make a great video .. Toggle with your joystick, split a clip,  add transitions ... trash the "junk."   .. hey why not watch the video on YouTube tutorial on how to use the editing tools.  
Batman can use more great minds .    

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Print  and E-book

Minding the Spectrum’s Business is a work set on a path that is personal, as well as universal, in appeal. In this collection, the poet, recording the perks and pitfalls of her life, embarks upon an existential journey during which a pattern of movement comes to light: propulsion and drag. The poet formally establishes the balance between the two. The leitmotifs in the poems are the elements of nature, tidal relationships, and certain “pulls” akin to Beckettian diversions, all of which play out within the context of solitude. Each dwelling place of the mind, each new station is explored from the vantage point of some unique landscape, be it an arc in the spectrum, or a spare room.  *

Go to links by clicking below and the full link comes up.
For download and Amazon purchases:

Author's biography is available on Amazon page.

Other books available on author's page. See below