Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Black Friday Survival Guide according to TechCrunch

Reading TechCrunch's article, The Black  Friday Survival Guide,"  by Matt Burns, brought back memories of a "hunt" of my own.   I participated 3 years ago for the first  -- and last time. Big Savings. But is it worth it?  You decide.

 Best Buy and Walmart had killer deals, in limited supply, called door busters.  Everyone would not get one.  

 That night, i secretly took off into the night, backing out of the driveway, so my neighbors would not hear me leaving so late.  A plan was hatched over the previous week and although my son wasn't sure I should participate, he knew I made up my mind to join in. 

   After all he couldn't be in two places at one time.   I'd take care of one assignment -- Walmart game deals, easy to carry but the stakes were higher in Walmart and  is  less civilized than Best Buy.  

My son tried to discourage me from being in on the plan for safety reasons, but I would go for it regardless. I took the challenge even though I promised I'd not go in the door if  there were crowds.  At 10 PM. It was calm, so I went in with my list and joined the "Walmart Black Friday" shoppers, while my son spent that night on the Best Buy line for the big electronics. 

I agree with Matt Burns, author, that door busters are worth getting tossed around for.  It's kinda like the fixings for a salad in a blender --  a little whirling, mixing, and tossing as  hands and heavy bodies tackle you  for the same item.  I came out better having camped out for 2 hours ahead of midnight hour.

Those two hours -- from 10PM to Midnight, we shoppers were quite friendly toward each other, even shared a few thoughts about the games we wanted to buy and who they were intended for.    

The newest games on the market were on sale for $20 just for that night.  They were tightly packed up high in open aisle on all four sides of a stationery bookcase.  We all chatted pleasantly as more shoppers joined the circle and eventually two police officers walked past every 10 minutes.  I felt safe,but, that was about to change.

Come midnight,  it was as if a bell rang  for a tornado warning. In a moment  the adrelenin of a crowd blew in a magic potion into the air and the humans turned into lone wolves -- out of the pack  and defying the rules.  Bodies glued to each other precariously choking as each made a effort to get ahead of the other.   I passed each section of the store to get to the finish line, the cashier with all 4 games I wanted.  Carefully and methodically, I ducked and avoided the big carts which were difficult to get around as boxes and items were strewn around for no apparent reason.   It got a little scary but I navigated. 

The phone rang, my son in a concerned voice said, "Mom be careful. If it's too insane, get out or don't wait around." 

I got to answer before a dead silence,  "I made it to the cashier line, it's long but I'm almost outta here," 

 Once outside, past the police presence and brightly lit parking lot, I said good night to the officers.     I opened the car door, got out of there as quickly as possible. At home, the garage door opened as Kane, my dog,  sat at the window waiting. 

I passed out on the couch with my cloths on.  Three hours later, I could hear the garage door open and I was happy to hear my son come enter the kitchen.  We were both too tired and wrecked to even get excited .  

My new notebook and LED Television waited until we woke up in the afternoon.  It was beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.  

 As the author of the survival guide, Matt Burns, comments, "Black Friday is big business and it can be dangerous," I agree.  Plan, Plan, Plan!   Or stay home and wait until Cyber Monday. You might just find better deals. 

 Below is Mr. Burns article.  "The Black Friday Survival Guide," which have you chuckling along the way and help you survive the weekend.   Don't forget there have been casualties! 

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  1. Carolyn -- SO well written, as always! I felt I was right alongside you waiting on the friendly line, then "every man for himself" as you entered. Personally, I cherish the peace of Thanksgiving, and wouldn't participate. And, this year, I heard on the tube that the best buys are actually not on Black Friday, but on Wednesday prior to T'giving...a little known fact and probably depending on the store.

  2. Yes, this is true .. these deal are often one day only and you've got to grab it right away. I bought a Smart FITBIT ..and saved $30 by ordered it that day. Now, I have a new LG lte, kit kat to sync my movements to. Also got the Dance Central 4 on Thursday, after Turkey dinner . It's a new year and I'm gonna be fit