Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Speaker engagement:

Carolyn Rhodes will present the program on How Can Modern Technology Influence a Writer's Success? 

The giant picture of how far we’ve come in technology may be overwhelming while at the same time unprecedented.  An entire world has connected, for better or worse, as we rely on the information superhighway to get us where we want to go and fast.  But did you know the human brain actually computes faster than your computer?  Time to slow down and smell the roses, but, don’t waste too much time staying current.  Your life or your career may depend on it.  

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the largest tech EXPO in the world was held in Las Vegas, January 2013.and 2014.  You can sign up for 2015 now. 

  Show stopping exhibits which stunned us with cutting edge technological innovations interwoven with all the glamour and glitz of a Vegas show – bringing us closer to a wireless world.  Celebrities, entrepreneurs, inventors and industry affiliates from the four corners of the globe rubbed elbows.  

  • ·         Lexus co-piloted a driverless car while other automakers introduced tech smart safer cars. LG’s exhibit, “Above and Beyond,” was a hit preview of the largest wall to wall  3D screen – a  spectacular sea of cinema;     SONY previewed a personal 3D movie viewer, a must have for on the go film lovers. A visitor pleaser is the 3-D printer.  Now, that's innovation!
  • ·         Smart phones controlling your kitchen appliances; environmentally friendly backpacks and shoulder bags with solar power integrating fuel cell technology; Lego introduced a build your own robot to be out mid-2013. Canon and Polaroid exhibited cameras for every photo enthusiast and film industry affiliates needs.  Additionally, noise cancellation headphones, wireless, tangle free cords and/or any accessory you could dream of owning was showcased, some new to 2013. The Ninja Mini Speakers are really a great addition for my audio on streaming and some recordings I made at the Mind, Body and Soul sessions.

  •          Eye candy-- ubiquitous and to name only a few more standouts, “Toy” air drones danced in sync alongside pretty booth girls who handed out flyers and sample products Gibson’s tent filled up with live entertainment in an ambiance of artfully decorated wall hangings of their guitars.  

  •    Going fishing, boating or skiing anytime soon?  Joy Factory introduced submergible waterproof and shockproof cases for tablets, I-pads and I-phones. 
  • Nexia Home Intelligence, displayed sophisticated home security systems which can be easily controlled from anyplace or anytime.    
Celebrity panelists Drs. Oz, Gupta and Deepak Chopra came together at CES.  Throughout their conversations and as each addressed the audience, the main theme centered around human connections -- first and foremost. Healthy has never been so easy to attain as new inventions and gadgets and apps become available.  As we continue to explore the mind, body and soul, Dr. Chopra and Oz discuss medicine and science bridge the gap and the importance of sharing what we know with one another -- towards a happy, healthier lifestyle.

  •         Exhibitors, (too many to mention),  had lots to show off for 2013.  Health Spot Live at CES integrated a tale-health system that enables patients “real-time” access to board certified doctors via high definition video conferencing;   Fitbit Wellness displayed modern day lifestyle fashion ready too.  A comprehensive rubber wireless activity- to- sleep wristband can track your every move 24/7 and the info can be uploaded to your PC or your wellness provider. Tracking and sharing your “numbers” has never been so manageable.

  •           Brain game exercises, gaming with Sony’s PlayStation or Microsoft’s X-Box Kinect is another way to share activities and exercises right at home with family and friends.  Additionally social networking has given us a voice to join forces, share what we know.  

CES attracts industry affiliates from around the world to bring us their latest inventions, their ideas and everything “tech” from medicine to science, entertainment, education, careers and every social connection.   How does technology color your world?

                                                                                     Contributions by Casey J. Rhodes 

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